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Leveraging AI, RPA, and our deep healthcare expertise to deliver software solutions that drive your business forward.

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Our Services

We are Serious about Software Development and working with our clients to transform ideas into digital realities. Whether you're a healthcare executive in an MSO, IPA, TPA, ABA or MAPD health plan, we're here to supercharge your organization. We also help B2C, SaaS, and Professional Services firms scale. From custom software development and product management consulting to our suite of “Core” applications, we've got the tools and expertise to drive your business forward.
Our Services
Custom Development Services
Strategic Consulting
Core Offerings

Custom Development Services

Embrace the future of technology with our ai infused custom software development services. We're not just fans of AI and advanced automation - we live and breathe them, incorporating these game-changers into our apps and our development process to boost quality and productivity.
Whether you're looking to build a dynamic healthcare platform or a robust business application, our team has got you covered. We leverage AI and automation to create web applications that are not only functional and user-friendly but also smart and efficient.
Stay connected with your audience on the go. We design and develop mobile applications that deliver seamless experiences across all devices. And when possible, we utilize Flutter to efficiently build high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android increasing the development speed and lowering costs. With the integration of AI and automation, we ensure your app stays ahead of the curve.
Communication is key, and we make it easier than ever. Our team can develop intuitive messaging systems, including SMS and in-app messaging, to facilitate smooth communication between you and your users or within your team.
Data is the new oil, and having a foundational data warehouse that consolidates data from all your systems is crucial. It not only ensures secure storage but also enables comprehensive data analysis. We design and develop custom databases that serve as this essential foundation, integrating data from various sources for a unified view. Coupled with our custom dashboards, you can visualize, analyze, and leverage your data like never before, driving informed decision-making and unlocking new opportunities.

Consulting Services

Transform your ideas into reality with our expert consulting services. Whether you're just starting out with a concept or looking to optimize your existing operations, we're here to guide you. From ideation to AI integration, we provide the insights and strategies you need to create game-changing software.
Our design team is all about creating software applications that are as functional as they are visually appealing. Whether it's a web or mobile application, we focus on user-centric design principles. This ensures your application is intuitive, engaging, and delivers a top-notch user experience across all devices.
We can help you understand the size of the problem by identifying areas where automation can truly add value, taking into account the time and resources involved. We believe in an iterate-fast, learn-quickly approach. Our rapid prototyping services allow you to test and validate your product ideas early in the development process, helping you save time, reduce risk, and make informed decisions.
Unleashing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced automation across your business is no small feat, and that's where we come in. We're not just tech whizzes who know what's possible (and what's not) - we're also practical thinkers who ensure the 'juice is worth the squeeze.' When done right, the fusion of AI and automation can supercharge productivity and slash costs.
We understand that optimizing your operations is a journey, not a sprint. Through our Operational Roadmapping service, we take a deep dive into your current processes to identify key areas for improvement. We then prioritize these areas in a strategic sequence, allowing you to implement changes in a phased manner. This approach ensures that your organization can truly adopt and integrate these changes over time.

Core Offerings

Hit the ground running with our Core Offerings. We've got a suite of applications that can supercharge your organization quickly.
Navigating the healthcare landscape can be complex, but we're here to make it easier. Our suite of web and mobile healthcare applications is designed to empower IPAs, MSOs, MAPD Health Plans, TPAs, and ABAs. From streamlining workflows to growing your provider and member network, we have you covered.
Communication is key, and we've got the tools to make it seamless. Whether you're looking for SMS, in-app messaging, or a system that can handle both, our core messaging applications are ready to plug and play with just a little bit of integration and elbow grease. Make them smarter by integrating AI. Get your organization connected and communicating efficiently in no time.
Need a portal? We've got plenty. From healthcare-specific portals like provider, member, and broker portals to partner and client portals, we've got a range of solutions that can get you up and running quickly.

Game Changing Capability Upgrades

Ready to take your software to the next level? These capability upgrades can transform your applications from great to extraordinary. From AI integration to RPA, we've got the expertise to supercharge your software and drive your business forward.
Harness the power of artificial intelligence with our AI integration services. Whether it's enhancing user experience, automating tasks, or generating predictive insights, we seamlessly incorporate AI into your applications, driving efficiency and innovation.
Let your business evolve intelligently. ML learns and improves over time, optimizing tasks and information processing. From understanding the optimal number of touchpoints for physician recruitment to predicting customer behavior, ML is your secret weapon.
Let the robots handle the grunt work. RPA performs repetitive tasks with efficiency and accuracy, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic tasks. From contract creation for online portals to data entry, we've got you covered.
Capability Upgrades
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Advanced Features and Capabilities

Advanced Features and Capabilities

Whether it be with our core software or with your existing systems, we can add value with these game-changing capabilities. We understand that every organization is unique, and we tailor our applications to your specific use case, budget, and needs. Our tech features are designed to automate tasks, deepen insights, and unlock new possibilities for your organization.

Comms Add-Ons

Boost your lead conversion and reduce inbound service calls with our AI chatbot. It's not just about cutting costs - it's about improving staff productivity and generating revenue.
Say goodbye to disjointed communication. Our chat capabilities, integrated into your provider portal, member portal, CRM, or website, provide context and a historical record that outperforms email. Speed up problem resolution and empower your customer support teams to deliver top-notch service.
Stay connected with your audience wherever they are. Our SMS messaging feature allows you to send timely updates, alerts, and notifications directly to your users' mobile devices. Whether it's appointment reminders, service updates, or promotional messages, our SMS capabilities ensure you reach your audience effectively and efficiently.
Automate your communication with our email engine. Depending on specific situations, it sends out tailored email templates to stakeholders, saving time and ensuring quality control.
Get a clear view of your data with our built-in dashboards and reporting capabilities. Understand your custom applications better and derive actionable insights.
Standardize training and reduce costs with our testing and certification core software.

Third-Party Integrations

Our applications are developed on and integrate with leading platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Salesforce, and Google Cloud services.
We seamlessly sync with EHR software like EZ-Cap, Wipro, CentralReach, and more driving efficiency and benefits for your organization.
Leave the data heavy lifting to us. We're experts at identifying, cleaning, and integrating public and paid data sources into your applications, freeing your staff to focus on core business activities.
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Support, Maintenance and Security

Our support and maintenance programs ensure your software continues to run smoothly and efficiently post-deployment. From routine updates to performance optimization and feature enhancements, we've got you covered. We're here to provide ongoing support, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.
We prioritize the security and privacy of patient data in all our software solutions, ensuring that they are fully HIPAA compliant.
Stay compliant with CMS requirements by implementing HL7 FHIR standards in your healthcare applications.
We prioritize system and data security to reduce risk and maintain compliance. Our experience with industry leaders informs the robust security measures we build into our solutions.
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Own or Rent?

Your decision to rent off-the-shelf subscription software or to create and own a custom software solution bears many consequences.
We’ve used our knowledge to outline the pros and cons for specific business use cases.
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Our Technology Expertise

At Serious Development, we're not just fluent in the language of technology - we're multilingual. From platform and mobile technologies to specialized tech, we utilize a wide array of tools to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Here's a glimpse of the technologies we employ:

Platform Tech

AWS Salesforce Azure Google Cloud

Mobile Tech

IOS Android React Kotlin Flutter Swift Java
AI Tech
Open AI Amazon Google Python

Specialized Tech

Amazon AWS Angular Postgresql PHP Twilio SendGrid Python Nodejs CakePHP AWS Redshift