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Efficient Physician Intelligence, Call Planning, and Market Analysis, All in a Single Integrated Seamless Application
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Network development, physician outreach, and referrals management are often overlooked in healthcare. But increasingly savvy healthcare organizations are combining disparate information sources, mobile technology, internal workflows, and competitive intelligence to gain or defend their market share.

Enter Provider MarketView Liaison (PML)

  • Visualize providers (physicians, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics)
  • Daily and weekly call, route and territory planning
  • Executive dashboard, total addressable market, market share, and network changes.
  • Monthly updated provider information from external and internal sources
  • Syncs with Salesforce or other CRM
  • Advanced and custom filtering capabilities

Supercharge Your CRM with Provider Data Already Included and Updated by PML

Provider MarketView CRM

Create Custom Reports, Export and Integrate Data, and Create Saved Searches

Export the data into a CSV file or upload it into your CRM in only a few clicks. Save money and keep your CRM database clean by only uploading the data from active physicians. All the information you need is at your fingertips!

More Visits + Better Planning = Increased and Improved Provider Network!

Analyze provider data in a variety of ways that allow you to understand:
  • Which providers align best with your organization’s objectives.
  • Which health plans and medical groups each provider is associated with.
  • What referral data (SG2, Stratasan or other third party data providers) relationships exist between different providers (Specialists, PCPs, Hospitals, ASCs, and more).
  • Which providers do the most volume by service line.
  • What is the optimal geographic distribution of your provider network.
  • New provider network insights integrating your internal data.
Customize your PML to save money and view only relevant data:
  • Select form the largest health plans: United, Humana, Anthem, Blue Shield, Healthnet, etc. Add in regional and smaller health plans such as SCAN, Vitality, Brand New Day, and more.
  • Select geographic areas by state and or county.
  • Select third party data providers to integrate including Stratasan/Syntellis, SG2, and others along with your organization’s own data.
  • Choose provider types including:
    • 1) Primary Care Providers, 2) Specialists, 3) Medical Groups, 4) Hospitals, 5)Clinics, 6) ASCs, and/or 7) Pharmacies.
  • Integrate with your CRM (Salesforce integration is easy with our add-on app) or with our CRM.

Save Hours per Day and Add Visits per Week with Our Provider Planner Salesforce/CRM Add-On

Schedule future visits based on zip code, territory or city using our mobile add-on app, Physician Call Planner, which works natively in your Salesforce CRM. Easily schedule and record planned and completed activities.
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