CRM: Customer Relationship Toolset CRM

Built for your MAPD Health Plan

Our extensive experience building health plan CRMs means we can launch a glove-fit solution rapidly. Simply choose the features and workflows that work best for your organization to get exactly what you need.
Previously, creating an effective lead management system for both internal and external sales teams was too complicated and too costly. Most CRMs are only designed for internal-only sales teams and become cost prohibitive as you add what would be hundreds of broker/agent seats.

Your Health Plan CRM does it all

  • Track and manage all leads from all lead sources.
  • Includes email alerts when new website, pre-sales/telephone and or social media leads have been added to an assigned salesperson.
  • Robust reporting capabilities allows management to see the status of all leads in real time across all internal and external sales channels.
  • Cloud-based software hosted on your servers or AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Easily manage Member Leads from start to fully enrolled


Easily Track, Manage, and Analyze Your Lead Pipeline

An intuitive interface allows users to easily visualize, analyze and prioritize leads.
Task Management at your fingertips
  • Assign yourself and others on your team tasks associated with each lead.
  • Track the number of outbound and inbound calls, meetings, and emails for each lead.
  • Integrate your phone and email system with your Health Plan CRM.
Further Customize Your Health Plan CRM
  • Track enrollment status with your existing enrollment application or utilize our member services enrollment application.
  • Include the ability to Chat message your colleagues.
  • Customized reporting with basic or more robust reporting capabilities.
  • Integration with other applications as you grow is always available.
  • Add on our Physician Relationship Management (PRM) module that allows your Provider Services/Physician Liaison teams the ability to grow your provider network.
Tailored Apps. Real results.

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