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Waichinese wants to change the way that English speakers learn Mandarin Chinese. The startup developed iSpikit, a technology based on Pocket Sphinx and was able to visualize the intonations that are critical in speaking Mandarin Chinese. The Founder saw an opportunity to create a revolutionary Educational SaaS platform for learning Mandarin faster with instantaneous visual feedback and audio interactions with remote teachers.

The Project:
Waichinese needed a web-based SaaS platform along with both Android and iOS applications with extensive product management assistance to develop the product. The challenge was similar to building an entire course management system for teachers, classes and students and then creating robust cross-platform mobile applications to integrate a proprietary audio technology and the course management system.

Using our most senior product management and software engineering talent, we were able to deliver a revenue-generating SaaS platform within 6 months used by thousands of language learners. Like most projects, we first focused on delivering an alpha product to early adopters. We accomplished that within 10 weeks and used user feedback from that to prepare for a market launch product. On launch, Waichinese was a hit, being promoted by all the leading language blogs and helping hundreds of users dramatically improve their Mandarin. The Serious team continued to make improvements after launch and Waichinese continues as a revenue generating SaaS application. Waichinese has extended its technology to help Chinese speakers learn English through the use of a game for children.

Project Details

DATE:February 2015
TAGS:Education, SaaS, iPhone, iPad
TechnologiesApache Cordova, WebRTC, Docker, Android, PHP, iSpikit, MySQL (Amazon RDS), Braintree Payments API, Angular.js Amazon EC2 and S3.
TeamOmie, Denis, Aleksey
Launch Project