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The Swayy team had a simple concept: let your friends, and just your friends, vote on one of two pictures in a time limited format so you could make decisions faster. While there are polling apps in the market, none were just focused on your friends and none had a time-limited format to create urgency. With our extensive experience in social networking applications, we knew there was a window for an application like this, but it would have to have a top-notch interface, high performance, be fun to use, and overcome the initial cold start problem in social networking.

The Project:
The Swayy team had a modest budget to produce and Alpha application with a goal of raising more money. The application also needed to be built for scalability from the start and we chose Java for our backend to power the APIs. We also wanted to take advantage of newer technologies like Swift for iOS, which was launched by Apple at the beginning of the project.

The initial project was a 10-week timeframe from concept to initial alpha release. Immediately the feedback was strong and usage solid. Based on that release, the Founders raised 5x their initial capital. We then incorporated user feedback and worked to create our initial App Store release. We integrated Bing Image Search API to give users more image choices, modified the user interface and introduced targeted new features to increase engagement. We completed the beta phase in 12 weeks and launched to closed group of about 500 users that showed even higher levels of engagement and usage. This version helped the Founders raise more capital, get an appearance on Sharktank (yet to air), and then ultimately launch in the App Store to get 10,000+ users in short order. After launch, the Founders discovered an interesting use case in Sports for the application and are currently pivoting the application.

Project Details

DATE:November 2015
TAGS:iPhone, Social Networking, Swift, Java
TechnologiesiOS, Swift, Java, Spring, MySQL (Amazon RDS), Twilio, Bing Image Search API, Amazon Autoscaling, EC2, Lambda, and S3.
TeamOmie, Denis, Alex, Aleksey, Valery
iPhone App