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Popular Basics is a Los Angeles based wholesaler in the highly competitive woman’s casual apparel market. The company had nearly doubled in a year and was experiencing growing pains with their legacy client/server based sales and invoicing application. To grow further, they needed a better system that was more customized to their unique processes and 100% accurate. They also needed new functionality such as purchase orders integrated into their inventory management and better reporting to manage their operations. After reviewing dozens of traditional and SaaS Order management/ERP applications they were not impressed with the functionality, usability, and speed of what they saw combined with the high level of configuration they would need to make them useful.

The Project:
Popular Basics approached Serious with a difficult problem to solve: using the existing MySQL based application database structure, develop a new application that would allow them to dramatically increase their efficiency in the sales order process and give them better insights into their performance and inventory. This required both the ability to develop highly usable interfaces, create proper accounting/ finance process flows, and build a robust backend starting with a flawed existing data model. The project also needed extensive manual and automated testing as weekly builds often needed to be launched into production with hundreds of transactions daily.

The Serious team rolled up their sleeves, working with Popular Basics management weekly and created a system that dramatically reduced sales order time, increased visibility, increased sales, increased margins, and reduced costs. Over a dozen customized modules were created: Order Management, Style Management, Cost Sheets, Messaging, Customers, Invoicing, Payments, Product Returns, Transfers, Purchase Orders, Graphics Print T-Shirt Module, Fabric Procurement, Inventory Management, Reporting, User Permissions, Transaction Logging and Dashboards. Each module was highly crafted with the unique business needs of the client in mind and fits their processes perfectly.

Popular Basics continues to implement new functionality with Serious Development as they grow into one of the most trusted wholesale suppliers of woman’s fashion in the industry.

Project Details

CLIENT:Popular Basics
DATE:November 2015
TAGS:Web App. Order Management, ERP, CRM
TechnologiesAngular.js, PHP, MySQL(Amazon RDS), Amazon eC2
TeamOmie, Denis, Aleksey, Vladimir, Oleg
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