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What We Do

Technologies We Use

At Serious Development, we focus on helping your business grow by creating world class web and mobile applications.  We are experienced and talented software engineers, product managers, and technical architects.  We’ve started and grown businesses from concept to multi-million dollar market leading companies.  We’ve built applications from profitable SaaS platforms to complex custom ERP systems drawing on our accounting and finance backgrounds.

Our team is highly experienced and technically adept.  We often need only a few resources on a project where others might need a half a dozen.  Our software engineers average 8 years of experience and our managers over 15 with dozens of complex projects under our belts.

Object Oriented PHP


iPhone Development








Projects We Do

While we can do nearly any application project, we tend to focus on startups and growth companies that need transformative applications.  We’re entrepreneurs ourselves with a huge amount of startup and business experience that we bring to every project.

Web Programming

We utilize the latest technologies such as React.js and Angular.js for compelling front end experiences.

Product Management

Great products don’t start with coding, they start with excellent product management.  We start every project figuring out your business and take your idea and make sure it will work.  Our goal is to give you the best shot at launching successfully, raising that next round, or dramatically improving your business.

Custom APIs

All our work requires robust APIs to enable multiple clients to access the backend. We power our APIs with Java, PHP, or Node.js to produce highly scalable infrastructures that can support thousands of users.


SaaS represents one of the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs to be successful in the last 10 years.  But its hard and every detail matters.  The Serious Development team has produced SaaS applications that have earned over $100 million dollars and knows how to structure everything from onboarding to managing user attrition.

iPhone Development

We started iPhone development in 2009 and have produced complex applications in Social Networking, eLearning, and SaaS that have been successfully launched to tens of thousands of users.

Android Development

We’ve ported over our strength in Java to allow us to build compelling applications for Android phones and tablets.  We do this both for native Java applications and cross-platform applications using Cordova.

Integrated Services

We are custom application builders but we work with best in class partners that including Amazon AWS,, Twilio, New Relic, SendGrid, Braintree Payments, Runscope, Bing, Factual and Google.  Our partners help us shorten the development timeline and deliver reliable functionality.

The Backend

We routinely use MySQL (Including Amazon RDS), PostgreSQL and MongoDB in our projects.  All of our software engineers are full stack and are as comfortable with the database as they are the front end.  We deploy robust load balanced and autoscaling solutions following best practices for separation to give you fault tolerant, high availability applications always.

Meet Our Team

Omie Ismail

Chief Product Manager

Omie has spent 15+ years in Software, Internet, Mobile as a product manager, head of marketing, head of sales, and CEO.  He has launched 3 successful startups growing eCivis, a leading SaaS company to 60 employees from concept.  He lives in Pasadena, CA where he is advisor to a number of startups.

Denis Sheremetov

Chief Technical Project Manager

Denis has spent 15 years in software development from a programmer to technical team lead and project manager. He has successfully managed dozens of complex projects working tirelessly with his team.  Denis expects nothing but top performance from his teams and they are known for some of the highest levels of output per developer.

Aleksey Voronoy

Senior Developer

Aleksey with his 12 years of software development experience is, as one of our clients has stated, “a machine”.  Tasked with some of the most complex requirements, Aleksey often completes projects better than specified in less time than budgeted.  Aleksey has the strong distinction of delivering every project he worked on early in both 2014 and 2015!

Vladimir Gordienko

Senior Developer

Vladimir works on complex business applications delivering complete reliability for clients’s toughest projects.  Vladimir has lead a complex ERP and Sales Ordering project for the last year that has allowed his client to increase profitability by 30% since implementation.  Vladimir has 7 years of software development experience.